Arduino Robotics Starter Kit

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Kit for Arduino Robotics, in association with RISciTech(Research Institute of Science and Technology).

1x Arduino Uno R3 Compatible
1x USB Cable Arduino Uno 1 Feet USB A to USB B Male
1x Arduino Application Starter Board
1x TV Remote
2x 60 Rpm BO Motor L Shaped
2x BO Pro Wheel 85×10 mm
1x BO Chassis Small
1x Castor Wheel
1x L293D Motor Driver Module 1Amp
1x Adapter 9V 1 Amp
1x Breadboard Small White 170 pts Mini SYB-170
4x LED 3mm Red
4x Resistor 1k (0.25 watt)
2x Resistor 10k Ohm (10k ohm 0.25 watt)
2x Push Button Small
1x Jumper Wire Male to Female 10 Pcs
1x Jumper Wire Male to Male 10Pcs
1x Nut & Bolt M3 X 10mm 10Pcs Pack
1x Nut & Bolt M3 X 20 10Pcs Pack
1x Screw M3 X 10mm 10 pcs
1x Screw Driver Flat Minus
1x Wire Stripper and Cutter Multitec

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2WD (Wheel Drive) Curious Chassis from Kit4Curious is a high quality robotic chassis. The kit also includes the and supporting components as shown in image.


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