Atmega16 Development Board

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  • Compact and Ready to use design
  • Professional EMI/RFI Complaint PCB Layout Design for Noise Reduction
  • High Quality Two layer PTH PCB
  • Includes AT MEGA16 Microcontroller
  • Board Supports AVR AT MEGA32AT MEGA8535 Microcontrollers
  • No Separate power adapter required (USB power source)
  • Screw terminal for External Power Supply (with Jumper Select Option)
  • External Power Supply range of 7V to 20V
  • Adaptor (any standard 9-12V power supply) option
  • RS-232 Interface (For direct connection to PC’s serial port)
  • On Board External Interrupt and Reset buttons
  • Built in Potentiometer interface to ADC
  • On Board PWM Output pin
  • On Board JTAG Connector for Debugging/Programming
  • On Board ISP Connector
  • On Board 16 MHz Crystal Oscillator
  • On Board Power LED Indicator
  • On Board DB9 Connector
  • On Board USB Connector
  • Can be used as main board for developing applications
  • Power Supply Reverse Polarity Protection
  • On Board 1 Amp Voltage Regulator


  • Atmel AVR AT Mega16 with 16 MHz Crystal Oscillator (With Boot loader Software)
  • 16 K bytes programmable flash
  • 1 K bytes SRAM
  • 512 bytes EEPROM
  • 16 MHz operation (Up to 16 MIPS)
  • 32 I/O pins
  • 8 channel 10 bit ADC
  • 4 PWM Channels
  • Two 8-Bit Timer/Counter
  • One 16-Bit Timer/Counter
  • One Serial USART
  • 1 Two Wire Serial Interface TWI
  • SPI Master/ Slave
  • Power Consumption
  • 14 mA
  • Operating voltage
  • 2.7-5.5V for ATmega16L
  • 4.5-5.5 for ATmega16

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It is a fantastic tool for code debugging, development and prototyping. The board design have made it much more user-friendly than its predecessors, ideally suitable for training and development purposes.


Weight 60 g
Dimensions 0113 × 072 × 023 mm


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