1. Is the Warranty provided?

  • Due to the kind of products we sell, we provide a limited conditional warranty only for most of our products. As most of the products can be easily damaged in case of improper handling, reverse polarity voltage input overloading, short circuit, or ESD we provide only limited conditional warranty just to ensure that our products are best in quality if used properly.

2. How much voltage does a DC-geared motor need?

  • Typical DC Geared motors may operate on as few as 1.5 Volts or up to 100 Volts or more. Roboticists often use motors that operate on 6, 12, or 24 volts.

3. Can we run Stepper motor using 8051 interfacing with DRV 8825??

  • Yes we can use run stepper motor using 8051 with the help of DRV 8825, by defining Enable and direction pins.

4. Can we use 9v Adapter in Arduino?

  • Arduino generally needs 5v to 12 v input,you can adapter up to 12 volts.

5. Is it possible to run dc motor directly connecting to the Arduino?

  • Yes It is possible to operate a  motor directly using Arduino, but Arduino pins have 5volts output which is not sufficient to run the motor in normal rated speed, to avoid that we use motor drivers

6. Can we interface relay directly by using Arduino?

  • Yes, if the relay has 5 volts of input supply, it can be easily interfaced with Arduino.

7. Can i use servo SG-90 for long-time operation i.e. 5 to 6 hours?

  • No you cannot if you are using the servo motor for continuous operation than you cannot use it for long run , but if you are using the motor for short duration in long run than it may work….

8. Which wire is good for breadboard ?

  • Single-strand wire is good for breadboard connections.

9. Which wire is good in terms of strength?

  • Multi Strand wire possess good strength .

10. Which motor is good 60rpm 150rpm ,300rpm, 500rpm or 1000rpm ?

  • It all depends upon the application if you are using the motor where you need more power than using 60rpm motor will be good  , vice versa with other motor depending upon the requirement. i.e – Power is inversely proportional to speed. Power increases speed decreases, power decreases speed increases.

11. Can I use a 9v HW battery for long-term operation like running DC geared motor?

  • No you cannot use a 9v Battery for long-term operation like running a dc motor, because the ampere rating of a 9v HW battery is very low it drains quickly.