865 – 868 MHz / 1dBi Gain Rubber Duck Antenna

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  1. Frequency (MHz):865 – 868MHz
  2. Gain: ~1 dBi
  3. Impedance (Ω): 50
  4. Connector: SMA- Male
  5. VSWR: < 2.0

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This is Rubber Duck Antenna With an SMA-Male Right Angle Foldable Connector with Frequency of 865 – 868 MHz and 1dBi Gain. The High-Gain Directional Indoor Antenna is used to extend the range of wireless network coverage in a single direction. It can be attached to an access point, wireless router, or wireless network adapter. Ideal when access points and routers need to be placed in wiring closets or inside ceilings, since you can locate this antenna at the top of a cubicle, on a ceiling, on a desktop or on the wall, optimizing your wireless coverage.

Compact Size
Low Cost
The straight version is available.
SMA-Male (Plug) connector available


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