IC LM393 BA10393 Comparator

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LM393/BA10393 / BA10393F BA10393N
1) Wide operating voltage range.
(Single power supply: 2 to 36V, dual power supply: ±
1 to ± 18V)
2) Low current dissipation. (0.4mA typ. at VCC = 5V)
3) Low input offset voltage. (25nA typ. at VCC = 5V) and
low input offset voltage. (typically ±1.0mV at VCC =
4) Wide common-mode input voltage. (0 to VCC – 1.5V)
5) Open collector output.
6) Compatible with 393 comparators from other manufacturers.


Weight01 g
Dimensions09 × 08 × 07 mm


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