150RPM Johnson High Torque DC Geared Side Shaft Motor

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Grade B
Base Motor RPM: 18000

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  • 150RPM
  • 12V DC motors
  • Metal Gearbox
  • 6mm shaft diameter
  • Shaft length 15mm
  • No- Load Current – 200mA
  • Full Load Current – 7000mA
  • Stall Torque 10kgcm torque maxApplications – Pan/ Tilt camera, auto shutter, welding machines, water meter, IC Card, grill, oven, cleaning machine, garbage disposers, household appliances, Slot machines, Money detector, automatic actuator, coffee machine, Towel disposal, lighting, Coin refund devices, Peristaltic pump.
    Note: Please note that this motor will have a +/- 20% error in the RPM.


Weight180 g
Dimensions0115 × 045 × 045 mm


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