Shunt regulator KA431 TO-92 Package

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The KA431 / KA431A / KA431L are three-terminal adjustable regulators with guaranteed thermal stability over the operating temperature range. The output voltage can be set to any value between VREF (approximately 2.5 V) and 36 V with two external resistors.

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Features KA431AZ Programmable Shunt Regulator

  • Programmable Output Voltage to 36 V
  • Low Dynamic Output Impedance: 0.2 Ω (Typical)
  • Sink Current Capability: 1.0 to 100 mA
  • Equivalent Full-Range Temperature Coefficient of 50 ppm/°C (Typical)
  • Temperature Compensated for Operation Over Full Rated Operating Temperature Range
  • Low Output Noise Voltage
  • Fast Turn-on Response
  • VKA Cathode Voltage 37 V
  • IKA Cathode Current Range (Continuous) -100 to +150 mA
  • IREF Reference Input Current Range -0.05 to +10 mA
  • PD Power Dissipation

Datasheet Download: KA431-D


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